Keynote Speakers

Date: June 29, 2016        Time: 09:50-10:30
Title of Speech:  The Opendata Adventure of Taiwan
San-Cheng Chang
The Former Premier, Executive Yuan
Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, USA, 1981     
MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, USA , 1977
●Premier, Executive Yuan, Rep. of China, 2016/2/1-2016/5/19
●Deputy Premier, Executive Yuan, Rep. of China, 2014/12-2016/1

Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology, 2014/3/3-2014/12/8          
Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan, 2012-2014                   
Regional Director of Hardware Operations in Asia, Google Inc., 2010-2012
Vice President, e-Enabling Services Business Group, Acer Inc., 2000-2010
Director, Department of Planning and  Evaluation, 1998-2000
National Science Council, Executive Yuan                                   
Director, National Center for High-performance Computing, 1991-1997
Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor, 1981-199
Department of Civil Engineering, NTU   
Date: June 30, 2016         Time: 09:50-10:30
Title of Speech:The Road Ahead for IS Research and the MIS Quarterly.
Arun Rai
Regents’ Professor of the University System of Georgia and J. Mack Robinson Chair
Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly
Brief bio:
Arun Rai is Regents’ Professor of the University System of Georgia at the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. He holds the Robinson Chair of IT-enabled Supply Chains and Process Innovation and the Harkins Chair of Information Systems. He is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief of MIS Quarterly. He was named Fellow of the Association for Information Systems in 2010 for outstanding contributions in research, teaching, and service to the Information Systems discipline, and received the INFORMS Information Systems Society Distinguished Fellow Award in 2014 for outstanding intellectual contributions to the Information Systems discipline. For over 25 years, Dr. Rai’s research has examined how organizations can leverage information technologies in their strategies, inter-organizational relationships, and processes, and how systems can be successfully developed, implemented, and utilized to address business and societal problems. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and is ranked among the top scholars for publications in the Information Systems discipline’s premier journals. He co-founded the Robinson College of Business’ Center for Process Innovation, an interdisciplinary research center on digital innovation that promotes industry-university partnerships. 
Date: July 01, 2016                    Time: 09:50-10:30
Title of Speech: Stewardship and the Information Systems Community: Serving the Community through Leadership and the Bright Internet Initiative
Jae Kyu Lee
President of Association for Information Systems
●Ph.D., Operations and Information Systems from the Wharton School,   University of Pennsylvania,1985
M.S., in Industrial Engineering from the KAIST, 1975
●B.A., in Industrial Engineering from Seoul National University, 1973

● KAIST HHI Chair Professor
● Director, KAIST Bright Internet Research Center
● Fellow, Association for Information Systems
● Conference Chair, International Conference on Information Systems, 2017,     

     Seoul, Korea
● Dean of the College of Business, KAIST, 2006-2007
● Founding Editor-in-Chief, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications             (Elsevier), 2001-5
● Founding Chair, International Conference on Electronic Commerce, 1998

Date: July 01, 2016                      Time: 09:50-10:30

Jason Thatcher
President-Elect of the Association for Information Systems
Brief bio:
Jason Thatcher is President-Elect of the Association for Information Systems.  He is a Professor of Information Systems at Clemson University. His research examines the influence of individual beliefs and characteristics on information technology use.  He also studies strategic and human resource management issues related to the application of information technologies in organizations.  His work appears in MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Applied Psychology, and other outlets. He serves as a senior editor at MIS Quarterly and at other journals. 
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