What’s New

[May 17, 2016]  

Placement service in PACIS 2016!

[May 18, 2016]  

Please Note: Final Program will be announced on early June. 

[May 18, 2016]  

Notification of Paper Acceptance Letter has been sent on April 22. 
The organizer will not issue another final acceptance letter.

[May 19, 2016]  

Shuttle Bus Service is provided, Please click here to learn more.

[May 21, 2016]  

Congratulations for PACIS 2016 paper acceptance submitters and thank you if you have already submitted your camera-ready manuscript.
We are currently in the process of checking the format of all camera-ready manuscripts; therefore, the paper status on EasyChair will be "was not approved by editors".
The message is only for format checking and is not affect the original acceptance decision.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

[May 31, 2016]  

Enjoy Your Taxi 10% discount in PACIS 2016!  

[June 01, 2016]  

Presentation Guidelines and PACIS 2016 Session Chair Duties are available now!

[June 08, 2016]  

Chiayi flourished in Nature and Culture is waiting for your exploration.

[June 14, 2016]  

PACIS 2016 Program & Sechdule of paper presentation are available now!

[June 21, 2016]  

 All the workshops and tutorial are free of charge to encourage more participants, if you have paid the fee for the workshops and tutorials, you will receive the refund at the conference desk.(The refund will be in NTD)

[June 21, 2016]  

First time to Taiwan?
Here are the Travel tips and other General Information!

[June 23, 2016]  

The pick-up point of Shuttle Bus Service in TPE/KHH and Chiayi THSR, please click here!

[June 27, 2016]  

PACIS 2016 Proceedings is now on available, please click here!

[July 19, 2016]  

PACIS 2016 Photo Gallery is now on available, please click here!

[September 26, 2016]  

PACIS 2016 Proceedings on AIS E-Library are available now, please click here!

[May 11, 2016]  

Presentation Guidelines for authors in PACIS 2016!  

[May 04, 2016]  

Please Note: Early Registration Deadline is extended to May 23, 2016.

[May 10, 2016]  

The Online payment system is available now, you can start your registration!

[March 31, 2016]  

What will Junior Faculty Consortium bring to you in PACIS 2016? 

[April 28, 2016]  

The PACIS 2016 Registration System is available now!

[March 02, 2016]  

The official announcement : Paper submission deadline extended to March 11, 2016. (GMT+8)

[February 19, 2016]  

Find your Travel Benefits in PACIS 2016 ( AIS members only)

[April 14, 2016]  

The Final Paper Submission Guidelines is available now! Please note that the notification of paper acceptance/rejection will be sent on April 22, 2016.

[April 07, 2016]  

The most comprehensive Workshops, Tutorials and Panels in PACIS 2016

[Happy Chinese New Year]  

Please kindly note Feb 6 ~ Fed 14, 2016 is Chinese Lunar Year vacation. If you have any inquiries or any questions, please accept our sincere apology for our slow response during the period.

[January 18, 2016]  

The Top Ten reasons why you should attend PACIS 2016.

[January 06, 2016]  

Doctoral Consortium is Calling for Nominations

[January 05, 2016]  

The EasyChair submission system is open now!

[December 30, 2015]  

PACIS 2016 is Calling for Workshops, Tutorials & Panels.

[December 11, 2015]  

PACIS 2016 is Calling for Papers,and Initial Paper Submissionis now available.

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